Queer the Land is a collaborative project grounded in the self-determination of queer and trans people of color (QTPOC) and the vision of collectively owning our land and labor. We are working to establish a cooperative network that is anchored by a community center and transitional housing that meets the needs of low-income QTPOC in the greater Seattle area. This project is based on a partnership between the Queer & Trans Pan-African Exchange (QTPAX) and Building Autonomy and Safety for Everybody (BASE). Our mission is to create a movement-building space that can generate income and become a political hub for QTPOC and our community organizing.

As people who come from legacies of enslavement, colonization and war, we acknowledge that we are on indigenous land and this project is currently based in the land of the Duwamish and Suquamish people. As people displaced by both historical and current global economic policies, we recognize our role in the displacement of indigenous people in the Pacific Northwest and are committed to fight with them in the collective struggle to free the land. We believe in our inherent right to self-defense and self-determination.


1.     We unapologetically and deliberately center Queer and Trans People of Color in our organizing, and commit to leadership that consistently reflects our membership base.
2.     We believe in organizing that meets our basic needs, sharing resources and building collective life with the principle of β€œto each according to need, from each according to ability.”
3.     We commit to undoing anti-black racism and transmisogyny in all of our organizing.
4.     We believe in full ownership of our labor.
5.     We commit to creating a nurturing relationship with the land on which we are based.
6.     We recognize the history and current realities of state repression and police violence.
7.     We believe in alternative forms of community-based responses such as restorative and transformative justice, and commit to setting and practicing community accountability values in our organizing.
8.     We commit to resist all imperialism and militarism in its local and global forms.

This project was created to directly address the root causes and power structures that are not only displacing our communities, but also destabilizing our community organizing work. The idea for this project comes from our collective experience: The lived experience of the housing crisis and economic displacement in Seattle. We want to build the solution ourselves as the communities most impacted by these issues.

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