Our Projects


We’re creating a housing solution in one of the fastest gentrifying cities in the country. Seattle is one of the top 10 cities in the country for both rental costs and rent increases. Capitol Hill, Seattle’s historically LGBTQ neighborhood, is now too expensive for working-class queer and transgender folks. Communities of color are being displaced from the South End of the city to suburbs that lack sufficient public transit and living wage jobs. Queer The Land is our act of resistance against displacement and gentrification.

We are raising funds towards a down payment on property in King County, WA that will serve as transitional housing and a community center for Queer and Trans Black/Indigenous/people of color (QTBIPOC). It will eventually be a self-sustaining cooperative funded by rent and membership and program fees.

We would also like to establish an emergency fund for QTBIPOC facing imminent loss of housing as a response to rapid gentrification and displacement in Seattle.

First Responders 

Growing our skills as community first responders and community medics by receiving training from people of color medical professionals as the political climate regarding healthcare becomes increasingly alarming.

Work Trades, Skill Shares & Political Education

We will be providing space for artists and healers in our collective who will serve as anchor tenants and provide affordable, accessible services and skills-building classes to our communities. Farmers in our collective will be starting a community garden that will provide food for residents, as well as generate income for the project. Members will also provide trainings for QTBIPOC around community organizing, community-owned housing, and housing justice.

Building Autonomy & Safety for Everybody (BASE)

BASE is a collective of QTBIPOC teaching self-defense as a community-based strategy to defend our bodies, livelihood and communities.

There is a growing demand for self-defense classes that have an analysis of how violence is related to structures of power in our society. The BASE curriculum comes from Home Alive and is informed by the anti-violence work of API Chaya. The classes are designed for all genders and abilities and are designed for survivors and people with trauma. We will be offering these classes on a sliding scale basis to make it accessible to poor and low-income queer and trans people of color.